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I LOOK SO CUTEEE by Katelynplz I LOOK SO CUTEEE :iconkatelynplz:Katelynplz 0 12
no title
hold our breath so we don't make a sound
figures of black creep into light
holding the heads of their enemies
up high in the air
shivers go up our broken spine
as the hues of red become visible
we long to scream and run away
but that's just how karma works
:iconkatelynplz:Katelynplz 3 0
ash - collab
through the window pane, through the dreary glass
from outside my window, the world turns to ash
the bright glow of fire, the smoky fog overhead
convince my subconscious that i'm better off dead
let the smoke fill up my lungs so i can no longer speak
'cause my words are so old they could be an antique
watch as it spreads through this ghost of a town
i don't give a fuck let it burn to the ground
:iconkatelynplz:Katelynplz 2 6
trafficking hearts
trafficking hearts across the border
holding tightly to our weapons
so we're not caught off guard
by our opponents reaction
:iconkatelynplz:Katelynplz 5 4
a game of chance - collab
birds chirp from within my ribcage
playing the xylophone on my lungs
saints become sinners in a game of chance
with every breath, the clock ticks by
chance is fate, and fate controls chance
perjury keeps us a bay, but we're left asking why
why we feel alive when we're clearly dying
dying for the irony that was thrust upon us
as we make a mockery out of the stars
we're laughing, stuck, in-between the bars
screaming will get us nowhere,
silence will drive us insane
but deep inside, who's to blame?
:iconkatelynplz:Katelynplz 0 3
tage by Katelynplz tage :iconkatelynplz:Katelynplz 3 5 fresh by Katelynplz fresh :iconkatelynplz:Katelynplz 3 0
wishing on shards of broken glass
that are cutting through my veins
famously adrift in my own train of thought
too bad it's crashing
cold air pirouettes on exposed skin
motionless in a sea of green
mixed with the rusty taste of red
overflowing into oblivion
:iconkatelynplz:Katelynplz 3 0
burning bridges by Katelynplz burning bridges :iconkatelynplz:Katelynplz 0 0 looks better in person. by Katelynplz looks better in person. :iconkatelynplz:Katelynplz 0 0
back out.
sell-out sitting in a blackout
you don't write for yourself anymore
you write for approval, renewal
but that's not good enough for me
:iconkatelynplz:Katelynplz 5 0
WIPPPP. owlhead. by Katelynplz WIPPPP. owlhead. :iconkatelynplz:Katelynplz 0 3
schizophrenic menace
"doctor, please cure me. I can't think for myself!"
(there's blood in the bathroom sink and jars of fingers on the shelf
fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me)
"doctor, there's something wrong. you must agree!"
"no there's nothing wrong, you seem to be fine.
if there was something I would surely see a sign."

(the living room is covered with plastic, so there will never be a stain
when he comes into the house and I shoot a bullet through his brain)
:iconkatelynplz:Katelynplz 2 8
the truth is.
you think you're a star on the rise
but the truth is you're plummeting to a
gone with the goners
we'll never know
you think your words bring joy
to the living and the dead
but the truth is you can't write
about feelings in MY head
:iconkatelynplz:Katelynplz 2 5
losing it.
and we both know
that the sun won't shine anymore
because we've made a deal with the dark
all that's left is vacancy signs to illuminate the night
and the lonely hearts will sing hallelujah
to forget the blacks and blues
painted over fragile skin
there is nothing left to lose
:iconkatelynplz:Katelynplz 3 4
I'm letting go of the balloons
that keep me on my toes
and the ghost you left behind
won't scare me anymore
subtle shades of silver
that hide inside the clouds
won't protect me from the demons
that hide within the crowds
:iconkatelynplz:Katelynplz 5 6
drawings, paintings, poems, and photogaphy.


:icontraditional-media: :iconlove-original-lit: :iconexquisite-flowers: :iconteen-literature:



katelyn rae



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